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Goals & Objectives

Helping The Community

Our aim is to generate our own research into the impact of theatre and arts programmes in the prison and communities’ settings, and to understand our practice in

relation to the participants, students and community.

a. To develop a research programme that evaluates the impact of the theatre activities on offenders’ lives and communities, by theatre and social development

b. Develop the theatrical and pro-social life skills of a highly vulnerable and marginalised sector of the population, ie offenders and parolees, who currently have minimal lawful income generation opportunities, so that the likelihood of them reoffending is significantly reduced.
c. Build interest in and capacity of young theatre professionals and postgraduate students in Cape Town to make theatre a social justice and reintegration intervention.
d. To provide opportunities for UCT postgraduate students in Social Development to develop their skills through internships.
e. To use theatre and the arts to educate and enlighten the general public and increase awareness of and sensitivity to the socio-economic causes of crime through an annual public arts festival/symposium and touring theatre pieces for high schools.

Goals & Objectives: Service
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