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My hope has always been to replace myself!

I have worked years and years in universities, and as you can see from the pic, it has given me many grey hairs. I'm almost blonde, sowaar. They say that your favourite project is the one you're working on now, and that every production in theatre feels like you're making a family, or giving birth... I think I love this work because with the small company of facilitator/ performers over the past four years, I have made a new home. I get so much respect and care from this group of people that it is quite humbling.

But more than that, I can see a future where others will keep this baby running. I am not ready to retire yet, but I definitely want to see leadership going to other people in the group. I mean, who needs this old woman leading a dynamic team like this? LOL. So strength to our collective arms, and joy to our hearts, for Second Chance is a gift that keeps giving.

Veronica Baxter

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Heather Stead
Heather Stead
18 дек. 2021 г.

I am amazed by the wonderful creative energy of this group who, over the past few years, have been doing such incredible work with parolees, UCT students and the schools community. Integrating and broadening our acceptance of diversity in our communities is vital. We need this type of project which vividly tells our stories. Glimpsing into someone's else's story broadens our understanding that we are all part of a unique mix of cultures, experiences and beliefs and that it is enriching not threatening.

Please support this funding drive. Here is a real chance to make a difference.

Heather Stead

George Arts Theatre Outreach Coordinator (who 30 years ago was inspired and mentored by Veronica Baxter and her outstanding work in…

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