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The Dogs Really Did Eat Our Homework...

Veronica Baxter: " My dogs chewed our printer cartridges. %#@&#%^! I will have to replace. Will make another plan to print the scripts."

Do you remember being labeled a little liar and getting detention at school, when you told your teacher that the dog ate your homework? Well the Second Chance Project has created a unique, safe space, where all our members, from the most senior to the newest recruits, are free to express themselves, without fear of judgment or ridicule and even the most unlikely scenarios are accepted. Because that is what life is about isn't it? You often face unexpected challenges, that most people are inclined to disbelieve or are simply not interested in. Everyone has their own battles to face. But at Second Chance, the members are fortunate and privileged enough to have access to a system of support that is rarely available elsewhere. For the ex offenders, the daily upheavals faced, are often more challenging than those experienced by Joe Public. And having this safe space, to share, advise and just be listened to, has definitely helped our members, as they face the daily struggle of surviving "outside".

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