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Funding for sustainability!!! Or "who wants to give money for a bunch of criminals"???

There's a song from the show of Cabaret that can comment on many types of stigma. It goes:

"If you could see her through my eyes,

you wouldn't wonder at all,

If you could see her through my eyes,

I guarantee you would fall like I did,

When we're in public together,

I hear society moan,

but if you could see her through my eyes,

maybe you'd leave us alone.

The point of the song is that if you get to know people they are more than Jewish, Black, White, Lesbian, Gay, Poor or Rich. I think that's one of the things I have learnt from working with so-called criminals. There's more to each person than their crime. I challenge people to see more of what I see. And ja, please fund us. We need it to keep doing what we do - making a difference, one person at a time.

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